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Herb Curbside Pick-up at Wongu Health Center

Presented by: Audi Yingyoud and AeJa Kim

Herbal Dispensary

Patent herbal prescriptions and raw herbal medicine can be purchased from the herbal dispensary. The patent herbal prescriptions can be purchased on the day of the appointment. The raw herbal medicine takes some time to prepare. It requires the patient to return on a scheduled pick-up time. This is because we are limiting people in the lobby, so waiting in the lobby to receive the raw herbal prescription after the appointment will not be permitted.

Preparation of Raw Herbal Medicine

Raw herbal medicine must be prepared by an herbal dispensary staff or CP305 student. These people must perform hand hygiene and wear correct personal protective equipment (PPE) prior to the preparation of the herbal prescription. Correct PPE includes bouffant cap, face mask, lab coat, and disposable gloves.

Only one herbal prescription can be prepared at a time. The herbal prescription is packed into a paper bag and labeled with the patient’s name and the ingredients. The WHC front desk will be informed upon completion.

Front Desk

Once the front desk receives confirmation of the completion of the herbal prescription, they will call the patient to inform them that the herbal prescription is ready for pick up. The patient will schedule a time window for pick up. The designated parking space for curbside pick up is the handicapped parking space. During the call, the patient will be instructed to wait inside their car and call the WHC front desk to inform them of their arrival. The front desk will inform the herbal dispensary staff that the patient has arrived.

How to get Herbal Prescription?

Once the patient arrives during the specified time window for pick-up, they should park in the designated space and call the WHC front desk (702) – 852- 1280. The herbal dispensary staff or CP305 student will deliver the herbal prescription directly to the car. The patient is responsible for opening their vehicle’s door or trunk to allow for contactless delivery of the items. The patient should otherwise remain in their car during the transaction.

How to Deliver Herbal Prescription?

Those who are delivering the herbal prescription to the patient must wear masks, gloves, and other PPE. The gloves should not be used for more than one patient transaction. The patient’s name must first be confirmed before proceeding with the transaction. Hand-to-hand delivery of the herbal prescription is not permitted. It must be placed directly into the patient’s vehicle.