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Chinese Medicine for Preventative Medicine

Written by: Erica Tseng

Preventative medicine is becoming more common in our society when it comes to standard medical practices. Doctors, insurance companies, and patients are all recognizing the benefits to providing or participating in preventative practices. These benefits can include saving patients’ money, time, and most of all– promoting good health. Preventative medicine can benefit practitioners by helping keep patients healthy and keeping them from progressing to other more serious illnesses. Chinese medicine is a great option for those looking to take advantage of the benefits of preventative care as the medicine was created thousands of years ago with the intention to use for this reason. As medicine continues to move in this direction by recognizing preventative care as beneficial, many more people are choosing Chinese medicine to be included in their medical regiment.
Western medicine and insurance companies have recognized the financial benefits in having patients complete screening tests annually at exams to monitor metrics such as cholesterol, blood pressure, organ function, and more. Preventing certain conditions from progressing to move into severe stages have large financial benefits for both the insurance companies, as well as patients. Chinese medicine can work alongside Western medicine to alter these metrics and improve patient health.
When there is disharmony or imbalance in the body, our body produces symptoms of illnesses. Acupuncture works to correct these imbalances and restore the body back to its original status. Chinese medicine has the ability to look at the current state of the body through diagnostic methods such as tongue or pulse diagnosis along with patient symptoms to determine the patient’s current health status. By coming in for an assessment in Chinese medicine diagnostics, practitioners are able to find imbalances as they begin and correct them before the patient may develop more serious symptoms or diseases.
If a patient comes in earlier for treatment, they may have a better outcome and/or a shorter treatment series. In western medicine, it is common for patients to wait until they are sick to go seek treatment. In Chinese medicine, it is encouraged for patients to come in as early as possible when there is an injury or sickness and to come in for preventative care as well. Chinese medicine has the ability to prevent injuries, illnesses, or genetic predispositions to certain conditions. Lifestyle changes early on can have a great impact on health for later in life.
Preventing illnesses can save time, money, and keep you healthier in the long run. With medicine moving in this direction, it is important to consider all options including Chinese medicine as a choice in building your preventative medicine maintenance team. To start your journey in benefiting from Chinese medicine for preventative medicine, call the Wongu Health Center at (702) 852-1280 to schedule your appointment today!