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Alumni Central

Career and Alumni Services

A need for a Career and Alumni Services was born when Wongu University celebrated its first graduates in 2017. Students at Wongu University receive general career planning from the Admissions Counselors or the Academic Office prior to entrance. Additional guidance from the Academic Office is encouraged whenever the student feels the need during their program of study. The Academic Office can provide help with assessing career goals, evaluating resumes, increasing marketability, building networking and interviewing techniques. While employment cannot be guaranteed, the Academic Office will continue to work with students after graduation. The level of career services offered to international students and alumni varies and depends on federal, state, and local restrictions. Specific career planning also takes place in the Practice Management courses, where the opportunities and challenges of each student’s upcoming professional career are examined.

Placement Assistance

The University offers the following  services to support graduates in obtaining employment and/or establishing a private practice:

Practice  Building Classes and Continuing Education (CEU) Seminars

Additional Services that Support Graduate Success

  • The University leads and organizes many outreach initiatives for students and alumni to serve and make connections in the local community.
  • Job development is accomplished by the university’s cultivation and maintenance of relationships with existing health clinics, sports medicine facilities, hospitals, doctors, chiropractors, and other OMDs who currently hire OMDs, or have an interest in expanding their services.
  • The Academic Office is available to coach graduates on marketing, practice building, and promotion ideas, including resume assistance, perusing sample cover letters, and networking with professional networking associations.
  • The University facilitates nationwide press releases and public relations campaigns to bring awareness to the field of Oriental medicine.

Though the college supports graduates in the ways listed above, it makes no guarantee of employment or referral.