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Wongu Student Association

Wongu Student Association


The Wongu Student Association (WSA) is comprised of the entire Wongu University student body with the goal to foster community between students, faculty, and administration and provide a forum for student outreach and advocacy to the community. 

The aim of the WSA is to promote academic freedom and scholarly inquiry and enhance the quality of life amongst students.

WSA organizes student events, designs school clothes and other merchandise, provides amenities to the school, and works on developing projects for the growth of the school.

All matriculated students are welcome to be active and run for a position during the annual election held every Winter quarter.

Current Officers:

President: Yuka Sakai

Vice President: Socheata Pann

Secretary: Anais Melendez-Estrada

Treasurer: Suzanne Yao

Community Liaison: Satoe Ozawa


Important Documents:

WSA Constitution

WSA Position Descriptions

Student Perks:

As students at Wongu University, you are eligible for some student perks from local businesses. Check the full list on our Student Perks page. Don’t forget to bring your Wongu student ID!

Recent activities:

Read about the COVID-19 Relief Effort in the 2020 Summer Term Notes.

SAAM Acupuncture Lecture

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Dr. Choo gave an online presentation on SAAM acupuncture, which is representative of Traditional Korean Medicine and is based on the theory that the extremities are the root of the meridian and the trunk is the branch.

Self-Care Hiking Trip

Sunday, November 14, 2021

WSA hosted a group hiking trip to hike La Madre Springs Trail in Red Rock Canyon.

Benefits of Vitamin D Lecture

Friday, November 19, 2021

Paul Kapsar, NP, gave an online presentation on the role and benefits of Vitamin D.

COVID Treatment Lecture

Friday, December 3, 2021

Dr. Fang gave an online presentation on using Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat respiratory issues, particularly COVID-19.

1-hour Qigong Self-Care Activities

WSA welcomed Hope Ihm, regional manager of Body & Brain Yoga Tai Chi and Tai Chi instructor, to lead two 1-hour Qigong sessions.

Clubs that are part of WSA:

  • Herb Garden
  • Needling Club
  • Language Club
  • Test Prep Club
  • Classical Texts Club