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WM502 Western Clinical Medicine II

WM502 Western Clinical Medicine II

3 Units/30 Hours
Prerequisites: WM401, WM402, WM403, WM404

This course is the second of three Western Clinical Medicine courses. This course presents an overview of selected common diseases observed and treated with biomedicine. This course will emphasize comprehensive history taking. This course will illustrate standard physical examination and assessment procedures, including neuro-musculoskeletal, orthopedic, neurological, abdominal, and EENT examinations where indicated. It will focus on the functional assessment of each disease process. The students will learn clinical reasoning and problem-solving for the diseases covered. Focusing on the clinical sciences review of internal medicine, pharmacology, neurology, surgery, obstetrics/ gynecology, and urology will have their own sections. A clinical sciences review of diagnostic lab and radiology, nutrition, and public health implications will be included with each topic discussed.

Aspect in the patient-practitioner rapport, communication skills, including multicultural sensitivity will also be included with each topic discussed. This course examines the etiology, pathogenesis, differential diagnosis, and treatment principles of urology-renal and urinary tract disease, electrolytes and acid-base balance, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiovascular diseases, ophthalmology, ears, nose, throat, and respiratory diseases. Critical care medicine, environmental medicine, and poisoning will also be covered, and topics related to emergency procedures will also be discussed within these areas.