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Runyon, Mike
Special Adviser
Davies, Daniel
Yanai, Carolyn
Chief Financial Officer | Human Resource Officer
Jackson, Fredrick L.
Nguyen, Chau
Registrar | Financial Aid Officer | Faculty
Yanai, Josh
Chief Information Officer | Purchasing Manager
Yanai, Takanori Nathan
Facilities Manager
Burton, Samia
Board Member
Giampaoli, Michael
Admissions Director | Marketing Director
Lorenzana, Joshua
Director of Student Services
Lanier, Anita
Ozawa, Satoe
Admissons Coordinator
Tongco-Nguyen, Donna
Herbal Dispensary Manager
Ngan, Jin
Johnson, Doris
Faculty | Clinic Supervisor
Herskovitz, Michel
Faculty | Clinic Supervisor
Roth, Sharon
Board Member