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Below you will find current 3rd party scholarships. As such, you will be competing with other students outside of Wongu.

Remember to read the terms and conditions of each scholarship carefully.

Check back frequently for updates.

Tribe With Roots Scholarship

In 2022, one of the directives of the Tribe With Roots team is to diligently build a sense of community throughout the Mojave valley amongst various practitioners in Eastern and alternative medicine and healing arts. As a part of this initiative, we plan to show support in various ways including donations and scholarships.

As our inaugural scholarship, we would like to recognize the students of Wongu University as the alumni of our founder, Dr. Ibu-Nina Tabor. Tribe With Roots is offering $1200.00 to a recipient who is currently enrolled in the University and meets all of the scholarship eligibility requirements below.

The TWR Council (consists of 12 reviewers) will select the award recipient by majority vote.

Award Amount: $1200.00

Deadline: 5:00PM on March 1, 2022

Announcement: The winner will be announced on March 15, 2022.

To apply, please complete the 2022 Tribe With Roots Scholarship Application  with all required items to [email protected].

For questions, please contact Taylor Smith, Managing Director at 702-204-9440.



  1. Completed 2 years of study with an accredited school of Oriental Medicine
  2. Completed at least one Level 1 Clinical course that is hands-on and not strictly observation
  3. Obtain an overall GPA of 3.2 or higher
  4. Submit a short essay (under 2 pages) that expresses how supporting an individual’s mental health and spiritual health is just as important as treating their physical health, and how you would implement this in your future practice
  5. Submit the most recent transcript (does not have to be officially sealed)
  6. Submit scholarship application form
  7. Not required, however, special consideration will be given to any applicants who take a moment to visit the Tribe With Roots clinic prior to submitting their application. Please be certain to ask for your Individual token number for the application when you come in.


Best of luck to everyone, not only with the scholarship, but in all of your future endeavors.

We Heal Together


Dr. Ibu-Nina Tabor, OMD, CHt

Dr. Laura Fink-Soto, OMD

Dr. Ariel Donofrio, OMD

… and all of the supporting practitioners of Tribe With Roots




All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship

Deadline: February 28th, 2022

What is the $1000 Essay Scholarship?
CarHP is offering a scholarship of USD 1000 to International students studying in the United States. This scholarship would be an excellent approach to offer need-based aid to students seeking financial assistance. The scholarship would be awarded annually, and students will be shortlisted based on their performance in the essay.

Avail via:
Award Amount: USD 1000

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