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OM402 Oriental Medicine Diagnosis II

OM402 Oriental Medicine Diagnosis II

3 Units/30 Hours
Prerequisites: OM300, OM301, OM302, OM401

This course is the second of a three-part series on Oriental Medicine diagnosis. In this course, students will comprehensively use their fundamental skills and theories of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine diagnosis to explore different theories of disease differentiation. Students will focus their learning on the concept of building a pattern of disharmony as an Oriental Medicine diagnosis model. The course emphasizes the learning of eight principles diagnosis, Qi-Blood-Body Fluids diagnosis, 4 levels of disease in accordance with Wen Bing, 6 stages of disease in accordance with Shang Han Lun, as well as Earth school theories, and San Jiao theories. This course prepares one of the critical skills in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine diagnosis. The courses also prepare students with integrated Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine diagnostic and treatment procedures. Students will learn clinical reasoning and problem-solving skill from building up patterns of disharmony as the Oriental Medicine diagnosis model.