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CLINIC OBSERVATION: CP301, CP311-313; 160 hours

During clinical observation, students prepare themselves for entry into clinical training in a number of ways. First, students may begin observing in the clinic after completion of 50 didactic units to ensure that students have attained a thorough understanding of the basic Western sciences and traditional Oriental medicine theories (typically three quarters of basic sciences, Oriental medicine fundamentals, acupuncture, and herbology). Clinical observation hours will prepare students to understand basic clinic procedures, including observer and intern responsibilities, clean needle technique, herb dispensary procedures, and clinic exams. Clinical Observation courses serve to orient each student to the general procedures of the Health Center as well as to their particular clinical responsibilities.

CP301 Introduction to Clinical Internship                2 Units/40 Hours
Prerequisites: AC300-302; HB300-304; OM301-302, OM401-402; WM300-304. 
Co-requisite: WM450

This first clinical course is an introduction to clinic that includes practical preparatory information to the Health Center for Observers. Classroom sessions include discussions of basic clinic procedures, observer and intern responsibilities, basic doctor-patient protocols, discussions of basic diagnostic protocols. In addition, basic information regarding patient, reception, record keeping, examination, treatment methods, and herbal prescriptions are provided. In addition, students observe senior practitioners or OMDs as they treat patients in a classroom setting.


CP311 Clinic Observation I                2 Units/40 Hours
Prerequisites: CP301

Under the guidance of clinic faculty, students observe supervisors as they treat patients. Students participate and assist senior practitioners with patient care, including history taking, examination, diagnosis, and treatment. With an emphasis on medical record keeping, students continue to observe and discuss all aspects of clinical practice including point location, needling and palpation techniques, moxibustion, and Tuina.

CP312 Clinic Observation II                2 Units/ 40 Hours
Prerequisites: CP311 or co-requisite

A continuation of CP311 Clinic Observation I, with emphasis on incorporating diagnostic skills into a cohesive clinical procedure.

CP313 Clinic Observation III                2 Units/40 Hours
Prerequisites: CP312 or co-requisite

A continuation of CP312 Clinic Observation II.