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EL704 Advanced Clinical Training D

EL704 Advanced Clinical Training D           

2 Units/40 Hours
Prerequisites: CP612

This elective coursework is a continuation of Clinical Internship training after CP612 coursework with advanced responsibilities for patient care having the minimum amount of supervision as required by law. EL701-704 coursework is the elective clinical practice experience in the clinic, at advanced levels of responsibility, under the supervision of the clinic supervisor. Each EL701-704 coursework is an elective course and optional for students to take. EL701-704 coursework provides to students who are interested in receiving more hours of clinical practice experience outside of required clinical training hours within the curriculum. This optional clinical training focuses on the application of Eastern and Western diagnostic procedures in evaluating patients and the clinical treatment of patients with acupuncture and oriental medicine treatment modalities including herbal treatment. In EL701-704 coursework, during the diagnosis, evaluation, and clinical practice, the clinic supervisor does not necessarily be physically present at all times however shall be in close proximity to the location at which the patient is being treated during the clinical instruction. Interns continue their practice hands-on for patient care. Interns function semi-independently with the most degree of responsibility by supervisors. Interns master their skills in diagnosis, developing treatment plans to include all oriental medicine modalities, including modification of acupuncture and herb formulas. Students are still required to consult with the clinic supervisor before the approval of the diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as after the treatment for the approval for discharging the patient. Supervision at this level is mainly for the approval of diagnostic accuracy, treatment plan, and safety. This is a supervised practice of the clinical treatment of patients with acupuncture and oriental medicine treatment modalities under the Nevada scope of practice.