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Health and Wellness Seminar with Taeko McNish

Health and Wellness Seminar with Taeko McNish

On Thursday, January 13, 2022, WSA hosted a Health and Wellness Seminar on Campus in Classroom B.

Taeko is a health and wellness coach, Reiki Master, licensed esthetician, massage therapist, meditation teacher, and an international best-selling author from Tokyo, Japan. She runs a wellness spa in Stoughton, Wisconsin, and recently opened a sister location in Henderson, Nevada.

During the seminar, Taeko talked about her various licenses and some pitfalls to be aware of when starting up your own practice. She also conducted a group exercise where you meditate on what you would do if you were the bravest version of yourself.

If you missed the seminar, here are the questions you should ask yourself to get clarity on what you want.

  1. If I was the bravest version of myself, I would ______.
  2. What is currently stopping me from achieving my goal?
  3. What beneficial things might happen to you if you worked to achieve your goal?
  4. Who else will benefit from your goals?
  5. What is the best part of having other people benefit?
  6. Based on the insights you gained, what decision can you make right now?
  7. What support do you need to accomplish this?

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